About the Blog

Pinja K is a blog for the fashion lovers and beauty junkies alike, who also enjoy occasional lifestyle posts and general life updates. First started in October 2013 as more of a personal diary kind of blog, Pinja K is now focusing more on specific topics, for example outfit of the day posts, beauty product recommendations, and recipes + more. The main goal of the blog and its posts is to inspire, entertain and inform readers all around the world with posts written in Finnish and English.

About the Writer

A 21-year old International Fashion Branding student, blogger, fashion lover and coffee drinker originally from Finland but currently based in Glasgow, UK. I've always had a passion for fashion, which led me to attend a Fashion Marketing course at Helsinki Design School after graduating from high school, and so university level studies of the same subject were a natural continuum for my interest. My interest towards fashion, beauty and all things girly also contributed to my will to try blogging myself after having been reading a lot of other amazing blogs and wanting to see whether I'd enjoy writing one as much as I enjoy reading them. As it turned out, I really do and I hope that you in turn enjoy reading my blog Pinja K! 

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xx Pinja 
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